Tex Mex 5K

So it has been a little under a year since I ran my last 5K. I always think I’m in 5K shape and I’m always wrong! For me, running a 5K is tough. You don’t have time for strategy. You don’t have time to increase your pace. You just have to go out strong, stay strong, and finish strong. At least that has been my approach to 5K runs…good, bad or indifferent. That’s just how I seem to handle them. The Tex Mex 5K was no exception. This is actually the first time I’ve run this local race that is extremely popular. The race is put on by a restaurant named, Tex Mex, that is well known for their homemade chips and strong margaritas. They serve their margaritas at the end of the race to the runners and seriously this place has the best margaritas.I don’t know why I waited so long to join in the fun. The proceeds benefit a local environmental group.

The run was held on a Wednesday night a few weeks ago. Prior to the race the sky opened up and it down poured, complete with thunder and lightening. It passed quickly, and when it did, it left behind a beautiful sunny sky with temps in the 70’s and zero humidity. The running conditions could not have been any better. This race was very organized, minus them not having my pre-registration logged which really wasn’t an issue as they quickly got my information in the system, handed me my bib, and I was on my way. I loved all the different vendors and the live music and that small downtown atmosphere. It really enhanced the experience.

As we made our way to the start line they had broke the runners up into corrals. I was at the front of the 7-9 minute mile heat. I started out faster than I wanted to but I felt like I had to break from the pack. I also think the fact that I had a chip on me escaped my attention. As I rounded mile one the time on the clock said 7:02. It occurred to me that I was in the 6 minute range because that time was for those who started in the first heat. I kept at it and slowed up for some water because I was beyond thirsty. I hate stopping for water in 5K’s but I had no choice.

So the run went through this quaint little borough. The wide tree lined streets were closed to vehicles and just filled with runners. We made our way through the streets and it was such a nice run. People were out on their front lawns cheering as the runners passed, many of them were spraying hoses. I ran the entire race next to this guy who was running at a pace that was a step ahead of me. I was the only girl I could see anywhere around me. Then I ran around the bend, passed the school, and then out of nowhere two female runners passed me. Their stride was strong and I knew there was no catching them. I figured they looked about my age. I was right. They won and I lost.

As I crossed the finished line, I could see Josh and the boys cheering. I have to admit when I saw the time on the clock there was the slightest twinge of disappointment as I was over the 22:00 minute mark. The guy I was running with the entire time turned and high-fived me as I crossed the finish line and congratulated me on a race well run. The boys were super excited as we made our way back to the festivities. I grabbed some food for them and some of the Tex Mex Restaurant’s homemade chips and salsa and then got in line for my margarita!

I was pleasantly surprised when I checked the finisher board and saw that my time was actually 21.58. I had forgotten I was chipped so that was an awesome surprise! I was equally surprised that with that time I did not place in my age group. I came in 4th and according to my 9 year old that means “you didn’t win at all mom”. However, the top female finisher overall was 36…which means the top overall finisher was in my age group as were those two ladies who passed me and placed second and third in our age group.

Nonetheless, it was a great race and I enjoyed myself and was proud of my time! My quads were sore as all get out the next day and it felt great! Hopefully you’re enjoying your summer and you’re getting out there, being active, and enjoying that good sore feeling!

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Been A While

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted on my blog. It seems like I find myself having less and less time writing on here. I’ve contemplated giving it up since I can’t dedicate the kind of time I would like to it. But then I figured I’m the only one putting that type of pressure on myself. The truth is this place is supposed to be my place where I can write about running, my family, my home, and other life happenings. There’s no requirement that I post something every day, week, or even month. It just requires me to come here when I want and write about how I feel. So I apologize if the posts are a little more spread out, it really is a reflection of the season of life me and my family are currently experiencing where we’re on the go most of time. So I don’t want to give this up because it gives me joy and my ultimate hope is that it gives you joy and that you find something in these posts that you can relate to, or that makes you feel better, inspires you, or just something you simply enjoy reading. I hope I’ve inspired a few of you to take up running! I do think the blog needs a face-lift though. I’ve had it this way since I started it in 2013…yes it has been that long! So I am hoping to get some new pictures taken and spruce this little space up some! Also, I’ve had technical issues with my subscriber list so I will be sending a resubscribe request out when I get to that point. So I am hopeful you will continue to follow!

Aside from the blog stuff, I have been busy running. My running partner is injured though so I’ve been squeezing runs in when I can, which usually means after work and on the weekends. I used to always run after work but I must say after a few years of doing the early morning thing, I find myself so missing that feeling of just having it all done before your day starts. Getting up and out the door is hard but man there is something so freeing when it is over! So marathon training is set to begin this month, next week to be exact! I’m not sure how that will go with the injury but my fingers are crossed that we can get started on time.

The longest distance I’ve done is 11 miles but more consistently it has been 7-8 miles. My April mileage was only in the high 70’s which is pretty low. Last April it was somewhere in the high 100’s. Oh well I can’t compare, circumstances change.

I’ve been keeping up with the shorter runs with pretty views and strength training though!

Other life happenings- we had muffins with mom at the boys school.

We finally caught some fish in the pond.

We did the take your kid to work day!

And we came out to find this guy bothering our dog the other morning.

Other than that we’re knee deep into the baseball season.

Opening Day was a rain out this year but the games got under way the following week and well, here we are.

I am trying to stay on top of meals and having dinner ready to go but I get home later with my current job so we are often eating after ball and that is definitely not a habit I support! So any suggestions are appreciated.

How do you handle dinner on those busy nights and what are your go to recipes?

So life is busy and the blog posts are a little bit more spread out, but they will still happen. I went to a prayer breakfast last week where the pastor talked about doing all things with joy…even the things you don’t want to do like go to work. I really listened to what he was saying and it is actually a hard thing to follow but I am trying my best to do all things in joy…including running and writing this blog. Have a good week!


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Remembering to Remember

My baby has been 9 for just about a week. He had a fun birthday party last weekend. His party was a fishing derby themed party.

We stocked the pond behind our house with trout and invited a group of classmates over to fish. Unfortunately the only fish caught was by an adult and it wasn’t a trout! It was a bass.

Nonetheless the kids had a great time and we moved from a friend party to our family party. So the latter part of last week was pretty much spent celebrating this little guy.

So 9 has been particularly hard for me, although I struggle with birthdays (as most of you probably know). I’ve said it all before how another year passes and things keep moving and I want to keep my boys how they are now because they’re perfect in this moment. We watched a lot of home movies this week and seeing Nolan and Brooks as babies made me so badly want to hold them again. I look at Nolan and he is up to my chin today. I hug him and he is so tall and so strong. But then I kiss him goodnight and I stare at his little face and I see that very same face that I stared into 9  years ago in a hospital bed. I held him on my knees and just gazed at that precious little face. I still see that face when I kiss him goodnight. It reminds me that he will always be my baby no matter how old he gets.

Last week was super emotional for me and as I worked my way through it I realized that I had been so focused on Nolan’s birthday that I had in turn forgotten the birthdays of two close friends of mine. When I remembered I was panicked. I was actually hoping I had somehow had the date wrong. I quickly sent a text and sure enough it was in fact their birthdays and I had in fact forgotten. I remembered before the day was over but had forgotten…or really overlooked it because I was so preoccupied with Nolan’s birthday. As I laid in bed that night I thought about this for a while. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in our own lives, our own trials and tribulations, and even our own joy that we forget or pay no mind to the other people in our lives. We push people out of our minds and shift our focus to solely what our day involves. We may think good thoughts like “I wonder how Kelly made out on that interview today” and we tell ourselves that we’ll call or send a quick text to find out and then we don’t. We forget, we move onto our next thought and never return, we get busy, we get tired, and we get preoccupied. We start allowing things like forgotten birthdays, missed calls, missed opportunities to reach out to a loved one to become okay and we ultimately begin breaking down our relationships with people. I know I can’t do it all and I know we’re all really just doing the best we can, but I’m going to do my best to remember that sometimes a friend could use a call, sometimes a child can use a hug, sometimes its nice to show up at a nephew’s game without him expecting you, sometimes a few short words in a text or sentiments in a card can make someone feel loved, remembered, and important. I want to be someone who makes people feel that way.

Now onto the running front. My running partner has an injury so I’ve been squeezing in runs here and there when I can. Some have been treadmill runs but I have managed to get out a few times. The runs have been up and down. Some runs I ride the struggle bus the entire time and other runs I feel great. Yesterday consisted of 6 very hilly miles. I had to squeeze it in between opening day of trout season and baseball practice. I struggled pretty hard on this run and ran out a road I thought would wind me back around to where I started only to get to the end and realize I would have to turn around and a go back! That could be a soul crusher in some instances, but I turned around and made my way back since I had no other option. As usually is the case, the run was challenging but finishing it felt so good. No matter how good or bad the run might be finishing is finishing and I always feels good about that! Have a great Sunday!

Happy April!

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A Few of My Favorite Things

Well we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning…actually more like howling wind and the sound of sleet beating into the side of the house is a little more like it. We’re in the midst of a Nor’easter…and it’s a few days shy of Spring! Ughh…so today I’m focusing on all the things I’m loving right now instead of the fact that at some point today I will have snow blow the driveway!

On a positive note, I didn’t think I’d get a chance to wear my new boots this year…guess I was wrong!

It has been a while since I’ve done a post like this but there are some items I am truly enjoying of late. First off in the running gear world, this blue fleece pull-over from the Gap is awesome. They actually say it’s light gray but I think it looks like a baby blue color.  It is so soft and so comfortable. It feels incredibly light-weight but it keeps you so warm. I just wore it yesterday on my less than enjoyable run. I set out to try and log a few miles outdoors because of the pending snowstorm forecast. I figured it might be a few days before I get outside again so I tried to take advantage of the extra hour of sunlight and the 40 degree temps. It didn’t go well. My shin was killing me and I was chased down by a barking dog. I screamed so loud…the owner was able to call the dog home and I continued on my way in tears. Even though I have a big dopey dog of my own, my fear of dogs is still very real!

Up next are these gray skinny (slightly distressed) jeans from J.Crew Mercantile. These babies are soft and stretchy and so extremely comfortable. It doesn’t even feel like you’re wearing jeans. They are lightweight as well and will be a great piece for the Spring and Summer. Maybe that nice spring weather we were having in February will show up again next week. At any rate, I’m sure I’ll get a lot of wear out of these.

So this magic makeup eraser cloth I got off of Amazon after reading a recommendation on a blog I follow. It works strictly with water and I can’t believe how easily my mascara comes off. I actually hardly ever wear mascara because of the chore of removing it, but since I got this little gem in my stocking, I don’t have that concern. The backside you can use to exfoliate. Pretty cool. You just wash it in your normal laundry load. The box said it can be used 1,000 times!

I just finished Chip and Joanna Gaines’ book “The Magnolia Story”. What a great little read. I really enjoyed this book. I’m already a big fan of the couple and their show and of course, Joanna’s awesome decorating style, but this book made me like them even more! It’s a quick read so if you’re looking for something to do on this snowy March day…grab a copy and start reading!

Another favorite thing is this cookbook I got for Christmas, Run Fast Eat Slow. So far I’ve made a handful of the recipes in there but the sweet potato breakfast cookie and the superhero muffins are awesome! The flu fighting chicken stew was also really good but did not heat up well for leftovers. I’m looking forward to trying out more recipes.

Then finally the last thing is a new blog I’m following called Buttons and Barbells. My friend Bekah recently launched this blog which showcases her love of crafting and cross-fit. She is really talented with all the sewing projects she tackles. Her quilts and blankets are beautiful and her crafting talents go beyond sewing to include a whole host of creative little things that anyone can make…well maybe not everyone… but you get the point. So if you haven’t already, give her blog a look. I actually dedicated a post to some of her crafts a while back. You can see some of her items here.

Well that’s it for today. I’m going to try and hit the treadmill today since we’re hunkered down in here due to this mid March snow storm! Have a good one!


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Press Pause

Well hello March! February you snuck by without anyone noticing. So here we are in the third month of the year already. In a few short weeks my baby will turn 9! Wah….

Life is about to enter the busy phase. As much as this tease of warm days has made me want Spring so badly, I do love the winter nights where we have no where to rush off to and we can eat dinner, do homework, and snuggle on the couch. Pretty soon it will be a race to get in and out of the house and to the ball field in time for a practice or game. Dinners will be served on the go or at 8pm or courtesy of the snack stand. We’ll be scrambling to fit it all in and it will pretty much continue that way until the winter comes around again. The days will fly by and I’ll be writing about how I’m sad things are slowing down as we wind back down into winter. Funny how it goes like that. I guess you just have to enjoy the season you’re in.

I was thinking about all this when I came across this movement for the month of March on Instagram from Stephanie Rothstein Bruce called #presspause. It’s a movement to practice gratitude daily through the month of March, to press pause on your daily life and savor the moment you’re in for all its worth. I think this is great timing with it being Lent. In this time when life can get so busy slowing down for a moment each day to reflect on where you are in life sounds like such a great idea.There are so many little moments that occur in our daily life that bring us joy. For me drinking a cup of coffee when the house is still is one of them. Finishing an early morning run, looking at a magazine with a beer after work on a Friday, and laying up in my bed with the boys before everyone turns in for the night are a few others. They’re small things but they slow us down and they bring us joy. So I plan on doing this for the month of March. The hashtag for the movement is #presspause. If you’re on Instagram and want to join in just use that hash tag.

So March is going to be the start of my pre-marathon training preparations. I’m tackling the nutrition aspects first so that I feel good going into the training season that will begin in May. Right now our long run is about 10-11 miles one day of the weekend and then a 6-7 miles on the other day of the weekend. Through the week we’re sticking to 5 miles on Monday and Friday, hill repeats on Wednesdays and then strength training on Tuesday and Thursday. As we make our way to May we’ll start the increase in the mileage but for now this seems to be working just fine,  aside from a sore hamstring that I swear is a result of the elliptical machine at the gym. I’ve been stretching and rolling my hamstring but I find that it is a hard muscle to get to and it seems like nothing really gives it the stretch it needs. Any suggestions? All in all, I think come May I will be ready to start training…I hope anyway because I won’t run a marathon if I feel under prepared. It’s too long a run to feel bad.

So in other life happenings…the boys celebrated 100 days of school the other week. This week they are celebrating Read Across America and have had themed days all week.

We discovered that our dog visits the horse farm behind us and has befriended the horses there.

The weather has been gorgeous and we’ve been able to sit on the patio and use the fire pit! Although it’s freezing again now!

Aside from that, life’s been pretty quiet over here and as I mentioned earlier, I’m okay with that. I think enjoying this calm before the chaos is my press pause moment for today and writing a post on my blog. What is your press pause moment of the day?

Have a great weekend!

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Defending Champions

Well you’re looking at the defending snowshoe state champions 2017!

Yes that’s right, we ran the Spring Mountain SnowShoe race again this year. How fitting that I’m finally getting the race recap up on the blog and it’s a snow day here for us! We’re getting hit with the first significant storm of the season and we’re already in February. Yesterday it was 65 degrees and today…a blanket of snow! Sorry for the blurry crooked picture of my backyard.

Back to the race- so the race was held on Saturday, January 28th, at a small ski mountain in Pennsylvania. It was cold and since there was only man made snow the race was held entirely on the slope this year! Last year there was snow from mother nature, a lot of it, so the race meandered through the woods and you only climbed up and ran down the ski slope one time. This year was a little different, the course was definitely a challenge to say the least, but we both finished first in our age groups.

This year’s course had you climbing the slope in a diagonal pattern until you reached a straight passage that had a gradual incline. You ran up and down two bunny hills, and then made your way back down the mountain on the other side- again in a diagonal pattern. When you reached the bottom area you were then directed through another straight passage with a gradual incline and then you rounded the corner and headed down to the very bottom of the slope. As you came down you made your way back to where you started…and then you did it all over! Here’s a picture from last year’s race that someone sent me. It is a picture of a picture they saw in a local paper. Trish and I are the two toward the back. I am the last person in the pack.

That whole second time around was a major mental road block for me. I don’t know about you, but passing the same point twice in any race messes with my mind. Especially when the first time around is so brutal. Snow shoeing is tough. The man at the awards ceremony commented on the amount of not only physical toughness but mental toughness that is needed for this sport. It is truly a testament of your will power no doubt.

My race started off well. I felt good as we climbed the slope. That was about the only time I felt good. I think I fell about four times as I made my way up the hill. Every time I rounded a cone I would step on my own shoe and fall flat on my face. Once I made it to the straight pass I slowed down to a walk but it was a trudging through the snow kind of walk. I decided to try and pick it up back to a run and fell flat on my face…again. This time there were no corners to blame it on, I pretty much just fell for no reason. Once I got to the bunny hills I picked it back up to a full run. When you run in snow shoes you have to really pick your knees up and keep your steps even. It’s hard. As I rounded the corner after the bunny hill I headed down the slope. I felt like I was running out of control down the slope and I was doing everything I could to not just roll down it. I could hear my wrist or ankle cracking the entire way down and I felt like my bones were all knocking together. I actually had to laugh at the man ahead of me because his arms were swinging all over the place and then I realized my arms were doing the same! Once I was down and made it to the next straight pass I decided to treat it as an interval. There were blue ribbons tied to the trees sporadically through this area. So I used the ribbons as start and stopping points for my walk/run intervals. That worked well and kept my mind focused on that rather than on hating life.

So I made it out to the clearing and headed down to the turn around point. I used the same strategy in round two. The second round was really just me telling myself it would be over soon. I really just had to mentally coach myself through it and try to keep the thoughts of “why do I pay to do this to myself” at bay. That’s all I can say. I knew it was temporary and that when I got down this time I would be done. I was so happy when I crossed that finish line! All in all this is a very challenging race but also a lot of fun. There is a cute old couple who run everything and during the awards ceremony the old man thanked his wife for all she does and their grandchild brought out a bouquet of flowers for her. It was so sweet. They had an interesting antler crown with a little ivy wrapped around it for the overall female and male top finisher. Then the other winners received hand made trophies that you can see we are holding in the picture below.

I’m telling you this is a wicked workout and we were sore for the rest of the week. My quads burned for two straight days…but it was that good burn where you know you really worked your muscles. I’ve been eyeing up snow shoes…I might be adding them to my Christmas list next year! The race made running a challenge last week. Between calf issues and just general soreness the running miles were light and the ones I did log were a struggle. I took some rest days and refueled.

And then finally on Monday my run felt great…the 55 degree temperatures, home early from work, and a setting sun all contributed!

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